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We promote green purchasing locally by organizing regular
Green Purchasing Roundtable meetings.

Green Purchasing Roundtable

Green purchasing can mean a new way of doing business for many public agencies. So several times a year, Alameda County hosts Green Purchasing Roundtable meetings where cities, school districts, and special districts from Alameda County come together to learn from experts and each other on how to make greener purchases, get buy-in from users, and implement successful green contracts.

Alameda County has received two awards for this innovative work.

In 2018, Alameda County received a Challenge Award from the California Association of Counties for its leadership and coordination around regional green procurement. The Roundtable is a cornerstone of this effort, and is highlighted in a short video and blog post about the award. Read and watch here.

In 2019, we received a juried Leadership Award from the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council for our case study titled: Green Impact, Locally Grown: Regional Sustainable Procurement Strategies with a Ripple Effect

The meeting presentations are available here so that Roundtable members and non-members can access them as needed. However, we encourage you to use this information as a starting place for your research, as green technologies may have evolved since these presentations were put together. You can find a lot more specific information on Alameda County's green purchasing efforts throughout this website, particularly in the Bids and Specifications section.


Date Topic Presentations
May 1, 2012 Green Office Supplies Green Office Supplies (PDF - 3488kb) *
October 2, 2012 Green IT Green IT (PDF - 6089kb) *
January 30, 2013 Green Cleaning Green Cleaning (PDF - 3350kb) *
May 31, 2013 Tire Derived Products/Rubberized Asphalt
Tire Derived Products - Maia.C (PDF - 7468kb) *
Rubberized Asphalt-CalRecycle - Nate.G (PDF - 948kb) *
Rubberized Asphalt-GCI - Ross.K (PDF - 6405kb) *
January 23, 2014 Carpet
Buy Green: Karen Cook, Alameda County (PDF - 1238kb) *
The State Perspective: Kathy Frevert, CalRecycle (PDF - 868kb) *
Recycling Carpet and Closing the Loop: Brennen Jensen, CARE (PDF - 789kb) *
June 4, 2014 Piggybacking Webinar Featuring Alameda County's Office Paper Contract
Piggyback & Contract Overview: Alameda County (PDF - 1.8mb) *
Environmental Perspective: US EPA (PDF - 3.5mb) *
Vendor Perspective: Give Something Back (PDF - 17mb) *
October 22, 2014 Green Fleets Roundtable
Green Fleets Overview - Alameda County (PDF - 2648kb) *
EV & Charging Station Case Study - Sonoma County (PDF - 1470kb) *
May 20, 2015 Healthy Building Materials and Furniture
Sustainable Building Design - Alameda County (PDF - 1148kb) *
Optimizing Recycling - StopWaste (PDF - 1302kb) *
Eliminating Toxics from Furniture - CEH (PDF - 1168kb) *
October 23, 2015 Exploring the Climate Impacts of Purchasing
Materials-Climate Intro - EPA (Davis) (PDF - 1465kb) *
Purchasing-Climate Connection - Alameda County (PDF - 1791kb) *
Forum Toolkit Resource - EPA (Katz) (PDF - 436kb) *
February 24, 2016 Green Your Office: Buying Less & Buying Better Greener Office - Alameda County (PDF - 1708kb) *
June 28, 2016 Engaging Employees in Green Purchasing
Employee Engagement - Alameda County (PDF - 3.6mb) *
Worksheet Handout (PDF - 106kb) *
May 16, 2017 Purchasing Strategies for Energy & Water Savings Purchasing for Energy & Water Savings - Fremont and Alameda (PDF - 4mb) *
May 31, 2018 Achieving Climate Action Through Purchasing
Climate Action Through Purchasing (Slides) (PDF) *
Climate Action Through Purchasing (Webinar Recording) (Password: Green2018)
Dec 6 & 11, 2018 Safer Graffiti Abatement
Safer Graffiti Abatement (Slides)
Paint: Environmental & Health Considerations (Fact Sheet)
Dec 10, 2019 More Durable, Cost-Effective, Sustainable Pavement
More Durable, Sustainable Pavement (PDF - 5.34mb)*
City and County Pavement Improvement Center (Link)
Dec 10, 2020 SB 1383 & Recycled Content Paper and Office Supplies
SB 1383 & Recycled Content (Slides) (PDF - 2.63mb)*
SB 1383 & Recycled Content (Recording)
Nov 8, 2021 SB 1383 Deep Dive Workshop 1: Paper Procurement Overview and Resources
SB 1383 Paper Requirements and Resources Available (Slides) (PDF - 2.16mb)*
Nov 8 Full Workshop Recording (Video)
Nov 17, 2021 SB 1383 Deep Dive Workshop 2: Compliant Paper Purchasing With or Without a Contract
SB 1383 Paper Purchasing With or Without a Contract (Slides) (PDF - 2.65mb)*
SB 1383 Paper Purchasing Fact Sheet and Case Study for Buyers (PDF - 373kb)*
Nov 17 Full Workshop Recording (Video)
March 2, 2022 Webinar: Tips for Paper Product Vendors - Helping Cities Comply with SB 1383
SB 1383 Paper Purchasing Tips for Vendors (Slides) (PDF - 1.38b)*
SB 1383 Paper Purchasing Fact Sheet for Vendors (PDF - 703kb)*
Select SB 1383 Compliant Office Paper Products (PDF - 304kb)*
March 2 Full Webinar Recording (Video)
July 20, 2022 Webinar: Safer, Greener Janitorial Products
Sustainable Purchasing Guides for Cleaning Chemicals (PDF - 442kb)*, Disinfectants (PDF - 312kb)*, and Janitorial Papers (PDF - 392kb)*
Select SB 1383 Complaint Market Assessments for Paper Towels (XSL - 261kb)*, and Toilet Paper (XSL - 154kb)*
Greener, Safer Janitorial Products (Video)
Greener, Safer Janitorial Products (Slides) (PDF - 2.59 MB)*
March 23, 2023 Webinar: Reusable Food Ware Strategies
Reusable Food Ware Strategies (Video)
Reusable Food Ware Strategies (Slides) (PDF - 2.5MB)*
StopWaste resources for Reducing Disposable Foodware