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 Smoke from increasingly destructive wildfires can travel hundreds of miles and have far-reaching impacts.

Climate Change Impacts

Climate change is already affecting our community, and many more impacts are expected in the coming years. These changes will affect public health, the local economy, agriculture, and physical infrastructure. Climate change is already:

  • Increasing the risk of heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke. In 2017, 14 people in the Bay Area died due to extreme heat.
  • Putting development located near wildlands at greater risk for wildfire damage. Wildfires in the U.S. burn double the amount of area that they did in 1970, and the average wildfire season is 78 days longer.
  • Increasing regional exposure to wildfire smoke and poor air quality. The 2017 Tubbs Fire and the 2018 Camp Fire resulted in the worst air quality on record for the Bay Area.
  • Increasing the spread and range of tropical and subtropical diseases.
  • Causing larger storms and flooding in low-lying areas.