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Photo of a County employee biking to work.

The County is working to make streets safer for bicyclists.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan

Exercise such as bicycling and walking has a positive effect on the overall health of the community by increasing fitness and reducing diseases related to inactivity. Encouraging people to bicycle or walk when making short trips also helps cut down on harmful auto emissions, noise pollution, and congestion.

Walking is the most basic and convenient form of transportation. Most travelers walk during some portion of their journey. Pedestrians have the same basic needs as all other travelers: direct, continuous, and safe routes. Planning for pedestrian travel, however, must account for pedestrians' unique needs for shorter travel distances and personal security. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan promotes pedestrian safety and access to create more walkable communities in the unincorporated areas of Alameda County. The plan makes providing safe routes to schools and safe routes to transit a high priority for pedestrians.

Bicycling is a healthy, non-polluting, traffic reducing, and fun form of transportation. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan advances the County goal of making bicycling an integral part of the transportation system in Alameda County unincorporated areas. The Plan recommends projects, programs, and policies to encourage bicycling. Projects include creating bike paths, adding bike lanes to existing roads, and widening roads. High priority is given to projects that would close gaps in bike routes to public transit and schools.

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