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Photo of County car powered by used vegetable oil.

This waste-vegetable-oil powered car was an early County alternative-fuel vehicle project.

Our Fleet

The County's fleet of vehicles allows our employees to deliver necessary services to our residents. We have included alternative-fuel vehicles and green practices in our fleet for years and have been consistently named one of the top 100 best government fleets in the country and one of the top 40 greenest government fleets.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

We are proud to be developing an electric vehicle fleet.

  • Over 80 electric vehicles in the fleet.
  • More than 300 gas/electric hybrids and eight all electric vans.
  • More than three-quarters of motor pool vehicles (shared by employees for on the job travel) are hybrid or electric vehicles.

Recycled and Less-Toxic Products

We are committed to reducing our fleet's impact on the environment not just by the types of vehicles we buy, but also by the types of products we use to maintain our vehicles:

  • Choosing Less Toxic Products: We choose biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and low VOC products whenever feasible, to reduce harmful effects to our employees and the community.
  • Buying in Bulk: Buying brake parts cleaner in 5-gallon containers saves money and reduces waste.
  • Recycled is as Good as New: We use re-refined motor oil and recycled antifreeze in our fleet vehicles, with comparable performance to conventional products.