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2019 Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council award ceremony

Since 2015, Alameda County has been recognized five times by the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council for its excellence in sustainable purchasing, most recently in 2019 for implementing a regional sustainable procurement strategy.

What we buy has an impact on the world around us and our communities. Local governments, like Alameda County, purchase a large number of goods and services that they use to help them provide services to residents. Choosing less-toxic and recycled-content products can go a long way towards protecting our climate, preventing pollution, and preserving natural resources.

Alameda County makes a point of purchasing a wide range of products with environmental specifications—everything from office paper to vending machines to janitorial products. We achieve comparable cost and product performance. In fact, we make it a requirement. In our purchases, we provide opportunities for small, local and emerging businesses. We also have found that sometimes the best purchase is one you don't make. Our Property & Salvage department reuses County furniture, technology, and other items.


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