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Risk Management Unit, a part of the CAO

Pre-Employment Health Screenings

The objectives of the pre-employment medical screenings are to ensure that all candidates for County employment are medically capable of performing job duties, that they are not placed in positions that can aggravate existing medical conditions or create hazards to themselves or others and to permit maximum accommodation of individuals with disabilities. The protocols have been designed to minimize the time and cost of the hiring process.

These medical examinations are governed by the Countyís Civil Service Rule 1488 and are authorized by the Civil Service Commission. Pre-employment medical screenings are also required of County employees not in classified service. The Board of Supervisors has directed that all applicants shall satisfactorily complete a medical examination before being put on the payroll and that the contractor for the County shall conduct such examinations.

Risk Management has worked with a consultant to analyze all County job classifications and develop appropriate pre-employment health screening protocols. Based on the study, many sedentary positions initially now only require completion of a medical screening questionnaire. All screenings are reviewed by medical personnel. After medical personnel review the questionnaire, additional procedures may be required. Non-sedentary positions will still require additional physical testing.

Resources for Departmental Personnel Officers

Procedures (PDF - 55kb)* - Describes the process for pre-employment health and psychological screenings for all classifications.

Medical Provider Directory (PDF - 16kb)* - Lists sites and contact information for pre-employment medical and psychological screenings.

Referral Forms:

Health History Questionnaires:

Personnel officers may contact Beth Van Arkel at 510-272-6920 with any questions on these procedures.