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California Airport Land Use Commissions (ALUC)

In California, Airport Land Use Commissions (ALUCs) are established pursuant to the State ALUC law (Public Utilities Code Article 3.5, State Aeronautics Act, Section 21661.5, Section 21670 et seq., and Government Code Section 65302.3 et seq.) In accordance with Section 21674(b) of the California Public Utilities Code, an ALUC has the authority "to coordinate planning at the state, regional and local levels so as to provide for the orderly development of air transportation, while at the same time protecting the public health, safety, and welfare"; to prepare and adopt airport land use plans; and to review and make recommendations concerning specified plans, regulations and other actions of local agencies and airport operators. In addition, ALUCs review plans for proposed new airports or heliports. Under this statute, ALUCs serve four primary functions:

  1. Develop and adopt land use standards to minimize public exposure to safety hazards and excessive levels of noise;
  2. Prevent encroachment of incompatible land uses around public-use airports; specifically within the Airport Influence Area (AIA) for each airport;
  3. Prepare an Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP) for the each airport's AIA defining compatible land uses for Safety, Noise, Airspace Protection, and Overflight;
  4. Perform land use consistency determinations for proposed projects within each airport's AIA, as described in the airport's ALUCP.
When where
When and where are ALUC Meetings Held? Bimonthly Meeting Schedule: January, March, May, July, September, and November. TIME: 2:00 PM on the 3rd Wednesdays of these months.

Alameda County Offices
224 W. Winton Avenue
Hayward, CA 94544

Public Hearing Room, 1st floor
How do I contact the Alameda County ALUC? Elizabeth McElligott, Ass't Planning Director
Staff, Airport Land Use Commission

Please click here to view ALUC meeting Agendas, Audio Files, and Minutes.

The Alameda County Airport Land Use Commission and Airport Land Use Compatibility Planning

The State Aeronautics Act (Public Utilities Code, Section 21670 et seq.) requires the preparation of an Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP) for nearly all public-use airports in the state (Section 21675). The intent of the ALUCP is to encourage compatibility between airports and the various land uses that surround them.

After approving interim plans in the early 1970s, the Alameda County ALUC adopted the Airport Land Use Policy Plan (ALUPP) in 1977. The ALUPP was amended in 1979, and again in 1986. In 2002, the Alameda County ALUC initiated an update of the 1986 ALUPP. The following ALUCPs for the county's three public-use airports can be accessed here:

Oakland International Airport

Hayward Executive Airport

Livermore Municipal Airport

Project Referral Application and Fee Schedule

If you are considering a potential land use project but not sure if it needs to be referred to the ALUC for review, you can use this link (Alameda County ALUC Map) to see if the project parcel(s) are located within the Airport Influence Area (AIA) and other Compatibility Zones for the airport near the project location. If the location is within the AIA, it should be referred to the ALUC for a Plan Consistency Determination. Please note that the map database is searchable by address and/or parcel number.

Certain proposed land use actions and projects are subject to the provisions of the applicable Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan. If a jurisdiction or developer proposes a project that requires a Compatibility Determination by the ALUC, an application and fees must be submitted prior to review. ALUC Application form and FAA forms, if required for a project, can be accessed below.

*Please Note*: A completed ALUC Project Referral Application MUST be submitted to the ALUC for each project by email, regular mail, or fax. Fees must be submitted by check and mailed to the address listed below. Make check payable to Alameda County Treasurer. The check must include the name of the project and indicate it is for ALUC Review Fees.

Email: Cindy Horvath
Fax: 510-785-8793
Mailing Address: Cindy Horvath, Senior Transportation Planner
                         Staff, Airport Land Use Commission
                         224 W. Winton Avenue, Suite 111
                         Hayward, CA 94544

Federal Aviation Administration - Project Review Forms

Some projects involving new construction or alteration to an existing structure, or proposals for a new airfield, runway, or heliport *may* require an FAA Airspace Determination. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to determine if FAA review will also be required for a project.

*PLEASE NOTE* FAA Forms are to be submitted directly to the FAA as described in the forms below, not to the ALUC.

Current Fee Schedule

Administrative Review: Application submission fee of $500.00

Commission Determination Hearing (if required) If a hearing by the Commission is required to complete a Consistency Determination, applicants will be notified and required to submit a Commission Review fee of $500.00 prior to the hearing.


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