Albert Lopez
Planning Director

Land Use Planning Forms and Guides

If you have questions on what forms are necessary with your application submittal, please contact the Alameda County Planning Department at 510-670-5400, Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., except on Wednesday 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Guides for Zoning Regulations

A Agricultural (PDF - 22kb) *
R-1 Single Family Residence (PDF - 23kb) *
R-2 Two Family Residence (PDF - 23kb) *
R-3 Four Family Residence (PDF - 22kb) *
R-4 Multiple Residence (PDF - 22kb) *
R-S Suburban Residence (PDF - 23kb) *
C-O Administrative Offices (PDF - 23kb) *
C-N Neighborhood Business (PDF - 28kb) *
C-1 Retail Business (PDF - 27kb) *
C-2 General Commercial (PDF - 24kb) *
PD Planned Development (PDF - 29kb) *
M-1 Light Industrial (PDF - 22kb) *
M-2 Heavy Industrial (PDF - 22kb) *
M-P Industrial Park (PDF - 22kb) *
MU Mixed Use (PDF - 226kb) *
H-1 Highway Frontage (PDF - 22kb) *
SD Sunol Downtown (PDF - 80kb) *

Combining Districts

-B Site Area (PDF - 25kb) *
-D Density (PDF - 19kb) *
-DV Density Variable (PDF - 10kb) *
-L Agricultural Use (PDF - 19kb) *
-RV Recreational Vehicle (PDF - 12kb) *
-SU Secondary Unit (PDF - 28kb) *

Ashland Cherryland Business District Specific Plan (PDF - 11Mb) *

Castro Valley Central Business District Specific Plan (PDF -10.8Mb) *

Note: Zoning and Land Use regulations are included in the Specific Plan by Sub Area.

Group A Intensive Retail Commercial
Group B Low Volume, Predominately Motor Vehicle-Oriented Retail and Service Commercial, Wholesale Commercial, and Industrial
Group C Offices
Group D Medium Density Residential
Group E High Density Residential

San Lorenzo Village Center Specific Plan (PDF -3.8Mb) *

Note: Zoning and Land Use regulations are included in the Plan.