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Alameda County, CA,

Albert Lopez
Planning Director

Safety Element Amendments

Project Description

State law requires the County to have a General Plan which contains seven elements: Land Use, Circulation, Housing, Open Space, Conservation, Safety, and Noise. The County must periodically amend these elements to reflect changing conditions within the unincorporated communities and also to maintain compliance with state and federal laws. The Safety Element establishes policies and programs to protect the community from risks associated with seismic, geologic, flood, and wildfire hazards. The proposed amendments to the Safety Element of the County General Plan are intended to bring the element into compliance with the following state laws.

The California Disaster Assistance Act, enacted in 2007, established a disaster assistance program that provides financial assistance from the State for costs incurred by local governments as a result of a disaster event. The act includes provisions to motivate local officials to take a proactive stance by including lessons learned from past disasters in general plans and zoning ordinances as a means of preventing, and/or mitigating future impacts from disaster events on new building.

Senate Bill 1241 (Kehoe, 2012) requires that the Safety Elements of local general plans be revised, upon the next update to the Housing Element, to address state responsibility areas and very high fire hazard severity zones. The revision must include information about wildfire hazards, as well as goals, policies, and objectives and feasible implementation measures for the protection of the community from the unreasonable risk of wildfire.

Staff Contacts

Sharon Grewal, AICP
Alameda County Planning Department
224 West Winton Avenue, Suite 111
Hayward, CA 94544
Phone: (510) 670-5400
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Schedule of Community Meetings and Public Hearings

January 25, 2017
Unincorporated Services Committee
February 6, 2017
Transportation and Planning Committee Meeting
February 14, 2017
Board of Supervisors Meeting - Safety Element/LHMP adoption

December 5, 2016 Planning Commission Meeting  (PDF - 192kb)*

October 17, 2016 Planning Commission Meeting  (PDF - 192kb)*

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