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Risk Management Unit, a part of the CAO


The Risk Management Unit sponsors two insurance programs available to the public when doing business with the County. All costs for these programs are borne by the consumer.

Special Events

Members of the public that hold events in County buildings must provide insurance that meets the minimum coverage requirements for the County. They may obtain the insurance through their own carrier, or they may purchase insurance for those events as part of the space reservation process through the Special Event Insurance Program managed by the Risk Management Unit.

Vendors/Contractors Insurance Program

Businesses contracting to provide goods or services to the County may apply for general liability insurance through this program. The insurance coverage may be structured to provide the minimum liability insurance requirements for most County contract and cover the entire contract period. All insurance costs are borne by the vendor/contractor. Contact Karen Caoile, Senior Risk and Insurance Analyst, 510-272-6920, for more information on this program.