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Employee Safety

Aerosol Transmissible Diseases

Aerosol Transmissible Diseases (ATDs) are caused by microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) that can be transmitted through the air. Minute droplets carrying ATD bacteria or viruses are transmitted through the air most often in coughs, sneezes, and certain dusts. Colds, flu (including H1N1), whooping cough, tuberculosis, and SARS are just a few examples of ATDs. Cough etiquette and proper hand washing will reduce the spread of ATDs.

Agency/Departments that have employees in certain classifications, work in certain environments, or perform certain tasks are required to develop an effective ATDs exposure control plan that includes annual training, fit testing and offering certain vaccinations.

The keys to preventing exposure to ATDs are:

  • Practice cough etiquette (cover your cough)
  • Wash your hands often using proper hand washing techniques
  • Isolate yourself away from others if your are symptomatic or until you are no longer contagious
  • Keep your ATD vaccinations and screenings current
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – wear the provided PPE to keep when in contact with suspected ATD sources
  • Follow Safe Work Practices
  • Utilize the Safety Resources below

Employee Resources

Training Tools & Tips

  • Employees covered by this standard are required to participate in training annually. Customized training may be arranged through Risk Management. Please contact your Agency/Department Safety Coordinator who will coordinate with Risk Management.
  • Risk Management has safety videos (PDF - 118kb)* listed under Infection Control

Safety Program/Plan