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Employee Safety


What is Ergonomics?


Ergonomics means adjusting and arranging your work environment to fit you. Applying ergonomic principles will help prevent injuries and improve efficiency both on and off the job.

Alameda County strategically addresses repetitive injuries (RSIs) through our multidimensional ergonomics safety program.

Inform your supervisor immediately if you are feeling uncomfortable or experiencing pain that may be caused or aggravated by your work activities or environment.

Resources for Employees Who Work in an Office

Your workstation can be configured to best suit your individual physical make up and your job tasks. Many ergonomic specialists believe that a properly adjusted chair is the most important piece of furniture.

To request an assessment of your workstation, please see your supervisor or safety coordinator (PDF - 85kb)*.

Work Breaks and Stretching Exercises

Even with the most customized workstation, you still need to take breaks and change your body position.

Ergonomics Awareness and Training

An understanding of ergonomic principles, including body mechanics, posture, and work flow, will increase your chances of avoiding a repetitive stress injury (RSI).

All employees who use computers are encouraged to take the 2 1/2 hour Office Ergonomics course (PDF - 485kb)*. The course is presented at least quarterly at the Alameda County Conference and Training Center. Please contact your Agency/Department Training Liaison. It is also presented at other County sites at the agency's or department's request.

Online training is available through Target Solutions.

Risk Management has a library of safety related videos that are available upon request. The safety awareness videos are great reminders for staff and/or supervisor meetings.

Request for Ergonomic Evaluation - Preventative worksite ergonomic assessments are provided at the agency/department's request.

After an on-site assessment, the ergonomic evaluator may recommend ergonomic furniture or equipment for the employee(s). Agency/departments are expected to purchase the recommended items expeditiously. Once the items are purchased, Risk Management may subsidize up to 25% of the cost of the recommended items.