Albert Lopez
Planning Director

Community Climate Action Plan And Safety Element Update

photos of different locations in Alameda County


collapse of road in Castro Valley

Collapse of Redwood Road in Castro Valley during January 2023 atmospheric river.

Photo credit: Alameda County Fire Department


Many residents of unincorporated Alameda County, from the Eden Area and Castro Valley to the rural east county communities, are experiencing firsthand the health and safety impacts of climate change. From flooding to extreme heat to wildfires, natural hazards are worsening as climate change intensifies. To support resilient, climate smart unincorporated communities, the County is in the process of updating its Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP) and Safety Element. Previous version of these documents are available to view here.

What is a Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP)?

  • Serves as a roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from unincorporated areas
  • Identifies existing and projected GHG emissions
  • Sets GHG reduction targets
  • Establishes policies and actions to meet reduction targets
  • Integrates climate adaptation and resilience strategies
  • Considers environmental justice priorities
  • Provides an implementation program

What is a Safety Element?

  • Is part of the County's General Plan to provide community protection
  • Identifies existing and project hazards (flooding, extreme heat, wildfires)
  • Minimizes human injury, loss of life, property damage, economic/social dislocation
  • Addresses evacuation routes
  • Identifies climate change vulnerabilities
  • Considers environmental justice priorities
  • Provides goals, policies, objectives, and implementation measures

What areas of the County are impacted by this plan update?

The Planning area for the CCAP and Safety Element update includes all of unincorporated Alameda County:

  • Ashland
  • Castro Valley
  • Cherryland
  • Fairview
  • Hayward Acres
  • San Lorenzo
  • Sunol
  • Dublin unincorporated area
  • Livermore unincorporated area
  • Pleasanton unincorporated area