Albert Lopez
Planning Director

Commercial Cannabis Taxation

Project Description

The County has considered whether to apply a local tax to commercial cannabis businesses that operate in the unincorporated areas of Alameda County. At the Transportation and Planning Committee meeting on May 2, 2018, the Committee determined not to develop a local tax on commercial cannabis businesses at this time.

** For further information regarding commercial cannabis regulation in unincorporated Alameda County, please refer to the project home page: Commercial Cannabis Regulation in Unincorporated Alameda County.

Meetings and Agendas

May 2, 2018: Transportation/Planning Committee
Consideration of a Draft Ordinance Adding Chapter 2.36 to the Alameda County Ordinance Code, Enacting a Cannabis Business Tax
Staff Presentation (PDF)*

April 18, 2018: Transportation/Planning Committee
Cannabis tax options
Staff Presentation (PDF)*

March 21, 2018: Transportation/Planning Committee
Cannabis tax options (continued from March 5, 2018)
Staff Presentation (PDF)*

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