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Piggybacking on Alameda County's green contracts is a great way to leverage our research on environmentally preferable products.


Piggybacking on Alameda County's green contracts provides you access to our volume pricing and gives you the benefits of our green product research and promotional strategies. You may also save time and resources by using our competitive bidding process to fulfill your contracting needs. Though vendors are not required to allow piggybacking, we've asked each of these vendors to consider offering the same green products and implementation strategies they provide the County to other organizations who piggyback. See these tips for more information about piggybacking.

Click on the product categories below to find out more about the green features of these County contracts. To learn more about any of these contracts or to request relevant documents or contract pricing, contact the Alameda County General Services Agency's Procurement Department/Contracts Team at (510) 208-9600.

  • Office Paper

    • Over 80 different office printing paper products are available on this bid. All commonly used sizes (letter, legal, and ledger) of regular 20 lb. white copy paper contain 100% post-consumer recycled content. Most other paper types of various colors and weights contain at least 30% post-consumer recycled content. Buying paper with recycled content reduces pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation.

      Vendor: Give Something Back
      Contract Start Date: April 1, 2014 (3 year contract with two 1-year renewal options)
      Contact Name: Louis Schuster, Senior Account Manager
      Phone: (800) 261-2619


      Office Paper Bid Excerpt
  • Office Supplies

    • A full-line catalog of office supply products are available through this bid. Working closely with the vendor, Alameda County has implemented a number of strategies to direct employees towards products that are environmentally preferable. We have developed a "green favorites" list that provides a wide range of environment products that meet Alameda County's environmental specifications for greener products, such as recycled content or low-toxicity. For certain products that are purchased most often, we've ensured green products are suggested as an alternative in an eye-catching way. We have worked with the vendor to offer consolidated ordering resources to reduce emissions from deliveries.

      Vendor: Blaisdell's Business Products
      Contract Start Date: April 1, 2015 (3 year contract with two 1-year renewal options)
      Contact Name: Margee Witt, Owner
      Phone: (510) 483-3600


      Office Supplies Bid Excerpt
  • Multi-Function Device Lease

    • Multi-function devices (MFD) can print, copy, scan, and fax, thereby reducing total equipment needs and providing access to advanced electronic business functions. Consolidating equipment and transitioning staff to a shared network device in place of individual desk-top printers can also significantly reduce printing costs by eliminating the need to buy costly printer cartridges. Alameda County has contracts with two vendors, Konica Minolta and Toshiba, to provide three-year leases on state of the art MFD equipment at very competitive prices. Vendors are required to install equipment with duplex settings as the default for printing and copying.

      Vendor: Konica Minolta
      Contract Start Date: April 23, 2013 (3 year contract with two 1-year renewal options)
      Contact Name: Michael Young
      Phone: (510) 865-7200

      Vendor: Toshiba
      Contract Start Date: April 23, 2013 (3 year contract with two 1-year renewal options)
      Contact Name: Laurie Corra
      Phone: (925) 277-2162


      Multi-Function Device Lease Bid Excerpt
  • Janitorial Cleaning Products

    • The County uses certified green cleaning products in order to help create a healthy work environment for janitorial staff and building occupants. We require that products be certified to one of the following third-party green cleaning standards: UL/ECOLOGO, Green Seal, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Safer Choice Standard. Requiring certification to these standards provides us confidence that the products we buy will perform well and meet our green and healthy purchasing goals.

      Vendor: WAXIE Sanitary Supplies
      Contract Start Date: November 7, 2017 (3 year contract with two 1-year renewal options)
      Contact Name: Paul Giamona
      Phone: (925) 337-2953


      Janitorial Cleaning Products Bid Excerpt
  • Janitorial Paper Products

    • Restrooms in Alameda County's facilities are stocked with hand towels and toilet tissue that contain post-consumer recycled content. Manufacturing these products with recycled content uses fewer natural resources (such as wood, water and energy), reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and helps support markets for office paper recycling programs.

      Vendor: JC Paper
      Contract Start Date: November 2, 2017 (3 year contract with two 1-year renewal options)
      Contact Name: Jeff O'Neal
      Phone: (800) 527-2737


      Janitorial Coarse Paper Bid Excerpt
  • More Contracts

    • You can find information about other Alameda County contracts at these locations: - Under Doing Business With Us - Bid excerpts of select green contracts only

What is Piggybacking?

Piggybacking is when an organization uses an existing competitively-bid contract as a template to form their own contract directly with the vendor to purchase on the same or similar terms. For public agencies, the competitive bidding process typically must be managed by another government entity or by a mutual benefit association, such as US Communities. Your agency does not become a signatory to, or participate in, the original contract but instead negotiates a new contract with the vendor.

Each agency must evaluate the specific contract documents to determine if the competitive process and contract awarded allows piggybacking and meets your agency's rules and regulations for contracting. Contact your legal counsel if you have questions about piggybacking.

To request a copy of Alameda County bid and contract award documents, call the Alameda County General Services Agency Procurement Department/Contracts Team at (510) 208-9600.


* Portable Document Format (PDF) file requires the free Adobe Reader.

** Microsoft Word (DOCX) file requires the free Microsoft Word Viewer.

† Disclaimer: The information contained herein shall not be construed as legal advice. Alameda County does not guarantee costs savings or that you will be able to piggyback on any contract. Please contact your counsel regarding piggybacking and/or any legal issues.

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