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County Agricultural Commissioner / Sealer
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Petroleum Quality

Picture of gas station pricing sign.
Price Verification of Advertisement

We ensure the quality of petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, etc.. Inspectors make regular inspections of gasoline at service stations for possible contamination (such as from water) and take samples for laboratory analysis to verify the accuracy of octane and other standards. If you have a concern over the quality of motor fuel or other petroleum products, click the "Consumer Concerns / Complaints" link at left.

We also enforce labeling and advertising regulations to provide accurate product identity information to the seller and consumer and to ensure that the product is being sold at the same price as advertised. If you have a concern with the labeling or advertising of a petroleum product, contact the office of the Consumer Concerns/Complaints.


California Division of Measurement Standards Petroleum Guides and Information