Cathy Roache
County Agricultural Commissioner / Sealer
Agriculture / Weights & Measures

Commercial Agriculture

Photo shows a hay field, crop field, and a wholesale nursery all located in Alameda County.

Commercial agriculture is the production of consumable agricultural products and commodities for wholesale and retail distribution to consumers and markets. Alameda County has a rich agricultural heritage and continues to contribute greatly to California's 30 billion dollar agricultural industry. Today, Alameda County's agricultural production is dominated by three main commodities: nursery products, livestock, and grapes for wine production. A number of other agricultural commodities are also produced in Alameda County including field and vegetable crops, cut flowers, apiary products, and fruit and nut crops. (Select current and past years crop statistics.) Despite continuing growth and development in urban portions of Alameda County in recent decades, much of the county's agricultural production is secure and growing, particularly in the nursery and viticultural industries, and also in the production of certain fruit and vegetable crops, organic products, and products for Farmers' Markets.