Michelle Starratt
Housing Director
Housing & Community Development Department


HOPWA Quarterly Reports

Quarterly and Annual HOPWA Reports

HUD requires quarterly reports on HOPWA funded programs and projects. HCD has historically funded both the development of multi family housing, as well as the provision of services for households with HIV/AIDS. The quarterly reports are due to HCD by 5th day after the end of the first, second, and third quarters. No report is due for the 4th Quarter; instead contractors will submit the annual reports. In addition, stewardship forms must also be submitted for housing development-funded projects. Annual reports and stewardship forms are due July 20th every year.

There are two separate Excel spreadsheets that must be completed. The first is the Annual Financial Report and the second is the Annual Compliance Report. The Annual Financial Report uses the same chart of accounts and many of the same reporting requirements as State.

Reports should be sent to HCDReports@acgov.org on the following schedule

  • October 5 for the First Quarter (July 1st -September 30th)
  • January 5 for the Second Quarter (October 1st - December 31st)
  • April 5 for the Third Quarter (January 1st - March 31st)
  • July 20 for the Annual Report (July 1st - June 30th) - No 4th Quarter Report required